Room set-up requests

While I have experience speaking in many different environments, having a good set-up is integral to how well a message is received.

Room set-up requests:

  • I prefer to use my own laptop (PC)
  • At least one projector and screen setup either to the left or right.
  • A stage for large audiences (more than 100+ people)
  • Sound to be connected directly from the laptop to house speakers
  • Microphone preferences: Wireless lapel or wireless headset
  • Please no food service during the presentation
  • Please no recording devices, unless discussed in advance
  • Please make available a large table for additional resources at the back of the room
  • Please schedule at least 30 minutes for me to visit the speaking area and perform a sound check
  • Please do not post content (slides, handouts) online for download or include any slides in handouts for the audience without discussing it in advance