Malvini Redden TeachingOne of my favorite roles is helping people learn, whether it’s in the university classroom, workshops or seminars. I especially like teaching people how think critically, analyze messages, improve their writing and speaking skills, and ultimately, communicate more effectively in relationships and organizations.

Having taught nine different communication courses over 12 semesters, I find engaging with college students a particularly rewarding challenge. For details on the courses I’ve taught, awards and research related to teaching, as well as student evaluations, check out my teaching portfolio. To learn more about my general approach to teaching and learning, please read my Teaching Philosophy.

Corporate Training/Workshops

In addition to formal classroom instruction, I enjoy leading workshops and training seminars. Most recently, I’ve taught workshops on qualitative research methods at the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, co-taught seminars on qualitative data analysis at the National Communication Association, and helped develop and present an online course about facilitated organizational change, which will be available for free on the Addiction Technology Transfer Center website Fall 2014.

Learn more about course material I offer and how to book a workshop by visiting the Corporate Training tab.