Hi, I’m Shawna Malvini Redden, professional nerd and organizational researcher with a Ph.D. in communication from Arizona State University. I work as an associate professor in the Communication Studies department at California State University, Sacramento, and currently direct our graduate program.

My professional mission is to understand and improve communication at interpersonal, organizational and community levels. I do this in three primary ways:

  • By conducting academic research on important organizational topics including identity, emotion, workplace relationships, change, conflict and wellness. My current research projects center around sexual harassment reporting decisions when harassment between coworkers happens online, and how young people navigate identity and emotion on social media.
  • Teaching and training in universities and organizations
  • Consulting with organizations that want to improve or understand communication processes in their communities, whether that be with employees, leadership teams or stakeholders

This website is filled with resources, whether you’re a student in one of my classes, a potential client, a prospective employer or a person interested in organizational communication research. Check out the blog for the latest and greatest, and please stay in touch. You can reach me via email or on Twitter at @drshawna.