That’s Professor Wrecking Ball to you

I’m used to grade complaints, pleas for leniency, well wishes, the occasional hug. But at the end of last semester, I was blown away by one of my classes.After final presentations–after days and weeks of working on difficult term papers–they offered me a most beautiful gift: A pile of chocolate and a handmade thank you card which most everyone had signed.

The chocolate was a sweet touch (pun intended) but the words? I’ve rarely felt so honored at the end of a class.

The card itself is a nod to a running class joke–never again will I assign such an irritating pop culture artifact for analysis–but I couldn’t help but smile at it. I’ll even admit that Miley Cyrus graced my fridge for a time.

Although I kept my tears in check until hours later–several students asked if I going to cry in class–I remain touched by this gesture and grateful for thoughtful students. Definitely reminds me of why I love teaching so much!

I’m going to miss these students so much!


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