Making a SacStatement

Whenever I teach about organizational culture, I start by asking students to identify important elements of their school culture like physical artifacts, mission statements, values, rituals, rules, etc. For the last two years, my students at Sacramento State have readily identified Sac State’s reputation as a “commuter school,” meaning that students come to campus just for classes and then leave. This rep apparently translates to a lack of school spirit.

This semester, one of the PR classes set out to change that by introducing “Green and Gold Thursdays” and the opportunity to make “Sac Statements” via social media. They created social media accounts and promoted the slogan “On Thursdays, we wear green and gold.”

Always a supporter of fun causes, I offered my three classes a wee bit of extra credit to participate and hopefully inspire others. All semester, I have love, love, loved my students’ SacStatement photos. Here are some of my faves…


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