#NCA15 Org Comm top paper fabulousness

The nerves started to set in a week before. While chopping veggies for dinner, I observed: “I’m going to be presenting to pillars of the field!”

I’m pretty sure Mr. T replied something along the lines of “Well don’t mess up then” and/or “You’re a pillar” in keeping with “You’re a towel”/”No, YOU’RE a towel” practices (for those who watch Southpark).

I felt worried and excited and nervous to present my research for the National Communication Association Organizational Communication division’s Top Four Paper Panel. Mostly because my collaborators and I had 12 minutes to condense 40-ish pages of scholarship. No mean feat!

#NCA15 Top Paper
Celebrating Top Paper victory!

Thankfully the pre-presentation jitters wore off by the time we were up, and my friend Lou Clark and I rocked out our presentation of “Making sense of pink elephants, bureaucratic bullshit, and other metaphors of change: A longitudinal study of inter-agency collaboration and organizational change.”**

It was SO much fun to look out at 100-something people and see heads nodding along as we shared our multi-year odyssey of a research project.

Too cool!

–dr. shawna

** By Shawna Malvini Redden, Lou Clark, Sarah J. Tracy, and Michael S. Shafer. More details to come!

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